Sela Alaire

Female Human Sorceress


Brown long hair which curls at the end,golden skin and a stunning looker, many men would see Sela as a girl of their dreams, Her natural beauty along with her calm and calculating demeanour make Sela a prize to be won. She wears teal robes with golden trim. She carries a wooden staff with golden head and sapphire eye. A long black cloak helps her camouflage herself in the wilds.


Calm – Sela is quiet and without worry. She is diplomatic and keeps her cool when situations get out of control.
Confident – Sela approaches everything like she will succeed. She has a strong belief in her own capabilities, especially when it comes to her magic. Her celestial heritage has allowed her to gain an advantage over many other spell casters she has encountered over the years.
Unflappable – It takes allot for Sela to get upset or confused. She thinks things through and gives herself time to process, especially when making difficult decisions.
Thoughtful – Sela always put the needs of others before her own interest. She looks out for her fellow adventurers and townsfolk. She offers services for comfort and for the social welfare of others. She pays attention or considers other people feelings before she speaks or acts.
Revealing clothing – Sela likes to accentuate her looks by wearing revealing clothes to show ore skin than most would find comfortable.

Sela Alaire

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