Heather Mosstoes

Female Halfling Scout/rock climber/guide


Barely 2ft 6 Heather has a tiny wiry frame. Her sleek figure is slender and allows her to move quickly and quietly, effortlessly on her feet. Her hair a pecan brown is molded with gels and waxes to keep it out of her eyes. She also keeps it cut reasonably short. She wears as much black as she can. She has dog chairs with spikes around her neck and wrists. She has a number of ropes across her shoulder and back. As well as a nap-sack of climbing implements with a scroll case strapped to the bottom with maps.


Believes she is a celebrity: Heather thinks she is a celebrity. That people now her name and that they should respect her. She feels she is famous for climbing all the tall mountains in the region and putting her mark on the areas with the most difficult to climb.
Tries to fit in with other races: Heather tries to fit in with other races by trying to uses their terminology and accents as well as believing in the stereotypes given to that race which just makes her come off as condescending and racist. This maybe grumbling low like a dwarf at how good the ale is and tapping her thick belly that it hit the spot. Or talking about a races natural insecurities.
Emo: Heather is characterized by an emphasis on her emotional expression. She has a hardcore black look. She wears black very tight leathers and makeup. She has dog chains around her neck and wrists.

To a small gnome: “Aweee come on don’t be so short”
To a muscle gnome: “Well you are ab-gnormal”
To a attractive gnome: “Gnome sweet gnome”

Heather Mosstoes

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